Ben Franks – Author

Ben grew up in Northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. He found early alliances with music, literature, and travel. He attended NKU to gain a BA in literature and has been working with kindergarteners and special needs students in Covington, Kentucky for over the last 10 years. Ben loves teaching children to read, as well as reading to them. He lives with his best friend and wife Alicen, and their three dogs Sunday, Susie Q, and Frankie, in Ludlow, Kentucky where they can see the Ohio River from their porch.

Jarrod Becker – Illustrator

Jarrod is a left handed visual storyteller, artist, designer, illustrator, and all around creative. He shows his fine art under the pseudonym, jabart. His work resides in collections throughout the United States.

Jarrod was part of a digital interactive children’s book publisher called Willow Frog for which he was a founding member. They published a digital book calledThe Glow for which he drew and hand painted all of the illustrations. 

He currently works as the artistic director for an art and design firm in Covington, KY called BLDG. He has worked on well over 30 murals, designing, illustrating and/or painting them.

He currently lives in Erlanger, KY near the railroad tracks in an old 1880’s wood framed monster that sucks him of money, muscle, & effort while he refuels himself with good drink, fine fare, wonderful people, and his art.

Jarrod’s website